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November 11, 2018 Step-By-Step with Peter John Reid

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Discover how to paint a beautifully, dappled wood in the heart of Autumn, along side of a professional artist and instructor, Peter John Reid. 

Peter John Reid is an artist highly revered for his good-humoured, practical and genuinely helpful teaching methods. His beautifully intelligent acrylic paintings -- sometimes striking, sometimes soft -- smear the edges of Realism and Impressionism.

Step by Step Workshop Description :

Learn how to mix the colours, the technique to use and to see the key elements in the reference. With the reference provided you learn how to approach this particular subject. With continued personal instructor support you will make a great painting or I’ll eat my lunch. If you have an iPad (with airdrop on) or tablet bring it and the reference will be transferred.

Materials list (PDF Version)

Paint - 
  - Phthalo Blue or Phthalo Blue Green Shade (not Red Shade)
  - Ultramarine Blue or French
  - Cadmium/Pyrrole or Napthol Red Light (medium okay)
  - Primary or Quinacridone Magenta
  - Cad/Bismuth or Arilide (Hansa) Yellow Light
  - Cad/Bismuth or Arilide (Hansa) Yellow Deep
  - Titanium White
  - Burnt Sienna
  - Yellow Ochre/Yellow Oxide*
*Good to have but not essential.

- 16x24" canvas.

  - Flat, white. Wet pallets are great.
  - Paper towels
  - Water container

  - Most brushes can be used -- I like filberts and/or flats, liners/riggers and 1" to 1 1/2" large flats.

- References provided

- My book will be available at the time of the class.