Meet Devin Sturgeon.

Elizabeth's Art Gallery: When did you get into art?

Devin Sturgeon: I've been into art my whole life, really. I drew a lot of action figures as a kid, always into He-Man and Universe Warriors. I wasn't so much into photography until my teenage years and never got my first DSLR until three years ago, which is kind of weird.
But I really was attached to my family video camera. That was, in a sense, "my" camera. I used to make a lot of movies with my toys -- random mixed movies with dinosaurs and crash-test dummies -- and add sound effects from video games.

E: What did that bring to your art?

DS: It gave me a sense of storytelling and composing scenes. If there's a type of action going on, I need to show that in the camera angle: it has to lead the viewer somewhere.

E: Why photography?

DS: I like that you can take one image and add to it as much as you want to say or show what you want to communicate. You can get a message out in one image.

E: How did you learn?

DS: I learned from just picking up a camera and going out and taking photos. The technical side I've learned from library books and going online to watch videos by other photographers.

E: What do people love about your work and the way you teach?

DS: I've been told that my work has a lot of texture; I think that means it has a lot of detail. People like the way I compose a photo -- I'm often trying to include people and their emotion in a landscape photo.
I think people like my energy when I teach, my enthusiasm.

E: We like the clarity, the sparkle, the detail, the glow in your work. There's a hyper-real touch to it.

DS: Thank you. I like that.

E: What will your first workshop be like?

DS: I'll do a complete photo shoot with the group and then an edit. The Gallery will print and hang one image each. It will be a half-day adventure. I hope to lightly touch on a bunch of topics. It will be basic, inspirational, motivating... my work in a nutshell.

E: And next?

DS: I want to do a few series of classes: fieldwork; low-budget hacks; nighttime photography; editing tips... there's so much to cover!

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This is neither Devin nor a sturgeon.

This is neither Devin nor a sturgeon.