A Tribute to Celtic Roots

Celtic artists: David Rankine, Jonathan Harper, Brigitte Wolf

Celtic Roots College & Festival is the fourth-largest of its kind anywhere in the world, so we would be remiss if we didn't wish "Tá fáilte romhat" to all who have come this week to fill Goderich's schools, streets, Harbour Park -- and yes, empty beds!

The Gallery is particularly proud to host Celtic-inspired art by David Rankine, Jonathan Harper and Brigitte Wolf: pieces that are as lovely to behold as these artists are to know.

We featured David Rankine in a previous promo post when he led his Healing Mandala workshop here. His colouring books are locally designed, constructed and distributed, which only adds to the peaceful aura they instill.

David is the creator of the Celtic Roots Festival's stage banners. He's given a few sneak peeks of this year's new designs, and response has been overwhelmingly positive. So, David has decided to grace admirers with the chance to have and to share these images -- on a much smaller scale, of course! We're thrilled to be working with him on this -- we'll let you know when this special offer is ready to be released!

Jonathan Harper's pottery has been described as beautiful, functional, whimsical, strong, delicate -- and it's all true! We have a wide selection of Jonathan's works on display, to carry on that fun, family feeling of the Celtic Roots Artisan Village year 'round.

What better way to let the light shine in than through Brigitte Wolf's windows? She has just brought in two more Celtic-inspired, stained- and flashed-glass pieces. If you've been considering one of these pieces, don't wait much longer -- flashed glass has become quite difficult to source, says the artist. These works are housed in locally-sourced hardwood frames constructed by Brigitte herself, so you know they're made right!

Celtic College is winding down now, but the Festival starts tomorrow morning! There's no way we'd miss out on the creative, laid-back community vibe (or the food, to be honest), so look for us there!