Preserving history - beautifully.

It's an "Insta" world -- and that's not a bad thing. With Internet-empowered camera phones at the ready, we're finding it easier than ever to keep in touch with loved ones, integrate with community networks and document our changing world. On the daily we're exposing injustices, holding politicians to their promises, recommending restaurants and learning to take flattering "selfies". In a world awash with digitized images and e-opinions, the ones we hold in our hands are telling special story.

An old map came across our desk last week: it's a plan of Goderich as it was founded in 1829, and it's gorgeous. Many of the streets aren't labelled, but the rise and fall of the land is, harkening to a time when we knew more about working the dirt under our feet than what we called it. One can imagine the paper, torn out of some forgotten publication, growing yellow over the years as the town of Goderich grew in size.

We selected a double-thick mat in just the right shade to match the paper -- here, lots of archival options make our job easier! From hundreds of framing options (which can sometimes make the job feel tougher), we settled on a golden one with a turquoise patina. We think it ties in the coloured inks of the map perfectly, while paying lighthearted homage to the age of the piece. UV-filtering Art Glass with a low-glare treatment is the perfect way to make sure all the special little details show up clearly for the next hundred years!

We're blessed to see such links to our past and honoured to do our part in preserving them.

Check out the bygone hotel located near the lighthouse and the old spelling of "Guelf"!

Check out the bygone hotel located near the lighthouse and the old spelling of "Guelf"!