An Interview with Susan Seitz

Susan is a gifted artist and dedicated friend -- always a welcome face at the Gallery. She'll be here in two weeks, offering a fresh full-day workshop for people who don't yet know the rules of the paintbrush... and those who need to forget them!

Elizabeth's Art Gallery: How do you describe yourself?

Susan Seitz: Someone who is scared shitless about living life ~ experiencing life and expressing my authentic self to the world... and yet, I do it ANYWAYS! Regardless. Without hesitation. With a supersonic smile that fills every inch of my being with JoY which allows my heart to shine with courage and love.  

E: Art occupies a large part of your heart. When did you and Art begin your love affair?

SS: I consider myself a "high-school artist": that is where I realized I could go to a place where no one else existed and disappear into a world filled with colours!!! I had an amazing high-school art teacher who supported and encouraged me every step of the way.

E: You work mostly in acrylics, correct? What is your favourite thing about this medium?

SS: The colours!  :)

E: Your art is beautifully vibrant and currently very multi-layered and textural. Are your paintings telling a story?

SS: The story is in the eyes of the beholder. I find the collectors of my work fall deeply in love with what's in front of them. They find their own stories to connect to and respond to. I facilitate a time and space where I allow myself to express almost in a meditative state. It's a healing ritual for me. Trusting and believing in myself and my abilities without judgement. Without hesitation. Just being with the paintbrush and colours. A beginning and middle and an end. Intuitively creating without attachments or a purpose to portray anything and perhaps revealing everything at the same time... knowing that the painting is truly a story for someone, but not for me ~ waiting for its new home.

E: You are a full-fledged art instructor now, facilitating group sessions at public events, schools and private functions. What is your goal when guiding a painting class?

SS: My goal is to facilitate a belief that there is no such thing as a mistake: we all are perfectly imperfect and when we trust and believe in ourselves, we can all achieve magical things! 

E: How may interested people reach you?

SS: ~ 519-507-2033

Susan is also on Facebook -- give her works a look!

Follow this link to the workshop or click on the image below.