Family Ties


"You must see so many interesting things in here," smiled Pat as she picked up her framing order.

"Yes indeed," I replied. "This is the best place to work!"

Pat's family, like many others, was filled with good men. And those good men, like many others, wore silk neckties. As years passed by and trends changed, the ties were stashed into a pile of unworn colours. Family members passed; memories remained. Daughters were born and raised. The girls' mother -- Pat's sister -- decided to create a tribute with those ties.

Careful plans, folds and stitches transformed silk ties into quilted tapestries. What had once finished the suits of great-grandfathers, a grandfather, a father and an uncle would now serve as a link to the past.

Pat came to us hoping for an attractive frame that would preserve her family treasure.

We chose a midnight-black shadowbox frame with some simple dimension. 1" wide and 1 3/4" deep, it would easily house the quilted work without dwarfing it.

A golden-silk mat made the perfect backdrop for the luminous patterns of the ties. We carefully edged the inner rim of the frame in the same material for a truly special, finished look.

An anti-glare, UV-treated layer of glass provided the final dimension of beautiful protection to this heirloom piece.

Thank you, Pat, for sharing these pieces of your family's story with us. We wish you and yours many more years tied together, framed in love!