Meet Vivian Ripley (and a wonderful way to paint)! And get a discount!


The paintings of Vivian Ripley add a sophisticated yet playful air to our Gallery walls. She chooses a cool, clean palate to depict lush, fluid forms of nature: vibrant flowers, babbling brooks and swaying branches shimmer within shifting shadow and light.

Whether rendered with pastels, watercolours or acrylics, Vivian's distinctive style remains clearly recognizeable. Her masterful way of layering transparent pigments makes you want to tip the frames up and drink the images down.

Vivian is an engaged and sought-out instructor of the arts. We are honoured to host her watercolour-on-gessoed-paper demonstration on June 19 and workshop on July 10-11. You don't want to miss this!

The benefits of this technique are many, thanks to the properties of gesso:
- A pigment-friendly clear or white, it may be tinted before application to set the tone of the whole work;
- A liquid of medium viscosity, it can be applied and manipulated into textures to add depth and interest;
- Less absorbent than paper, it offers the chance to wipe off wet or dry paint that has been applied; and,
- Opaque and water-soluble, it may be thinned or applied in coats to partially or completely cover previous work.

Vivian's demo and workshop offer the newbie painter, as well as the seasoned artist, a fresh and demystifying take on watercolours. It's the perfect class for anyone -- take it yourself or give it as a gift!

Register for the demo by June 19 for 10% off the workshop... click here!