Small treasures, big rewards!

Quite often we are asked to create large shadowbox projects combining a multitude of treasures. The results are always amazing but sometimes it is just a simple single treasure that can tell the tale.  Recently a client dropped off a treasured pocket watch that belonged to her grandfather and she was wanting to present it as a gift to her son.  I was left to my own creative devices and I requested her to bring in a photo go to with it.  The photograph I printed on canvas textured paper, photoshopped the edges to add more image for the inside edge of the frame and inserted a faux plaque bearing the ancestors name and birth date. The truly cool part is that he is wearing the watch in the photo. The watch itself I simply mounted atop of this photo design. Just think... what treasures do you have boxed away from the light of day that have a story to tell and share?

pocket watch framing
pocket watch shadowbox