It's February in Huron County...

and if you're here, you alternate between braving the cold to enjoy this beautiful winter and curling up indoors where it's warm. Which means you need pretty things to put on your walls. Which means you need a good way of hanging them. Why don't you come check out our...


Take advantage of our urge to tidy by using up our remnants of 2014.

We've got odds and ends in a wide variety of styles, colours, widths and finishes.  It'd be a shame to keep them in our back room. We'll pull them out so you can root through them. You're sure to find something that's just right -- especially if you're looking to frame a small piece -- because we'll offer the heftiest discounts on our shortest lengths of moulding.

All February long, select in-stock moulding and matting are up to 60% off.

Think of it: your favourite photo gracing that bare patch of wall beside your comfy chair. Your child's mini-masterpiece holding a place of honour by the front door. These are the touches that add warmth to a home.

Other than, you know, turning up the thermostat.

framing sale.jpg