Meet Brian Dalton.

Brian is one of the most beloved artists we display at the Gallery. Now happily retired in Owen Sound, Mr. Dalton is well-known for placing Wellington County's Arts program onto the map of enviable Canadian treasures.

Gallery visitors love to inspect the titles in his original work, "A Bookish Family", which is seated comfortably behind our desk. Maybe it's Brian's humble respect for Subject that makes this painting so endearing. Maybe it's the way he captures the refracted outdoor light by subtly shading each book that faces away from the window. Or maybe it's the mystery of the empty doorway in the corner, the silliness of a mountain of books housed within an old kitchen range -- the inevitable desire within the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own story. We dare you to try not liking this painting, or the quiet and gracious man who created it.

Brian likes to offer prints of his works, offering the world more opportunities to take his art home -- lucky you! He trusts our expertise (plus our friendly demeanour and helpful nature, we like to think) to carefully handle his originals, painstakingly colour-match each subtle tone, facilitate formatting options and create high-quality prints, every single time. We're honoured to have his trust, and we're really glad to have him around.