New Heirlooms

She walked into the Gallery with a parcel under her arm; she needed some custom framing. We gathered 'round, eager to see what kind of fun we'd have with this new project.

She set her parcel upon the table and carefully unwrapped five pieces of silk, each hand-embroidered in patterns from a bygone era. These pieces, she explained, had become treasured heirlooms. They'd belonged to blouses worn by a teen-aged girl long ago, now a matron of the family.

We set to work, choosing silken mats in a creamy white -- the perfect match. Our customer decided upon an antique black mini-frame, rubbed to a gentle, warm brown lustre. This was to be fitted around gallery glass, which of course filters out damaging UV rays and is also non-reflective. We made sure to use acid-free backboard and adhesives. These premium materials will preserve their precious charges from further ravages of time.

The crumbling silk and colourful designs had been snipped out of the old garments in irregular shapes. The only way to properly display them was to cutom-cut geometric patterns into the mats. Once we'd worked it out just right, we ordered the supplies, programmed the cutter and built the frames.

We called our customer to say her pieces were ready for pickup.

She was thrilled with the results and left the Gallery with five beautiful heirloom pieces ready to be shared with generations to come. It was deeply satisfying. That's what we do.