Custom framing is a great way to preserve and display art, enhancing the look and feel of your home -- this you know. What you might not know is that custom framing comes in a wide array of materials and price ranges.

This week we're highlighting a few of our most ornate frames around a 16"x20" vintage illustration. The top two frames we've pictured are constructed of solid wood; the bottom two are made of moulded plastic.

In a fabric mat behind museum glass, a 16"x20" piece in one of this week's "high" frames would total $593.05 (top left) or $478.32 (top right).

In an archival-solid mat behind regular glass, the "low" framed total would be $290.85 (bottom left) or $339.49 (bottom right).

We'll post more High/Lows as we find them, so do check back from time to time.