The Sta-Wet Palette. It stays wet!

One of the best things about acrylic paint is how fast it dries.

One of the worst things about acrylic paint is how fast it dries.

You've just purchased a selection of Golden acrylics from the gallery. Soft, shiny and loaded with pigment, these amazing tubes can't wait to be opened. You reach for the lid... you hesitate, thinking of the roast in the oven, the dog who needs walked, the soccer game later tonight. You don't have time to finish a painting!

Unless you also brought home a Masterson Sta-Wet Palette.

The system consists of palette paper, a sponge and a lidded tray. You soak the paper, dip the sponge, stack them inside the tray and then open those lovely paint tubes. Whatever you squeeze into the palette now will be there next week, still fresh and lovely all shut inside.

Now go -- enjoy your dinner, that walk, the soccer game. The paint will wait.