A Simple Sunset - 4x6+.jpg

A Simple Sunset

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Home Sweet Home - 8x10+ 12x10.jpg

Home Sweet Home

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Majestic Sunset - 1x2+ 20x10.jpg

Majestic Sunset

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Follow the Milky Way - 5x7+ 11.5x16.jpg

Follow the Milky Way

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Little Boxes- 1x2+ 14x7.jpg

Little Boxes

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Sunken Ship in Bayfield - 1x1 13x13.jpg

Sunken Ship in Bayfield

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Calming Winter - 4x6+ 19x13.jpg

Calming Winter

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It's Alive- 4x6+ 17x11.jpg

It's Alive

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Nighty Night Milky Way - 4x6+ 11x17.jpg

Nighty Night Milky Way

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Oh Starry night at the salt mine- 4x6+ 17x11.jpg

Oh Starry Night at the Salt Mine

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Smoothing - 4x6 18x12.jpg


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Light Pollution vs Star Light- 5x7+ 13x18.jpg

Light Pollution vs. Starlight

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Where is everybody - 5x7+ 18x13.jpg

Where is Everybody?

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