I am a mother, wife, artist, entrepreneur and community leader.  I have always been blessed with a great family, a strong community and a sense of direction.  When I turned 21 I opened an Art Gallery in my home town of Goderich Ontario. It’s hard to imagine that now, 25 years later, the gallery is still going strong, however, the intensity of the commitments to run the business, be involved with the community and give time to family have made the time for me to be that artist a fleeting thing.

Creative moments have only been found after hours and in between meetings.
In 2010 a car accident somewhat sidelined our momentum.  My husband was severely injured and I suffered a brain injury as well. For the next 5 years I worked with persistent headaches and memory issues.  My Dad retired and came to help me full time in the Gallery and we managed. The business was then interrupted in Aug of 2011 when Goderich was hit by a F4 tornado just as my husband was recovering from two spinal cord surgeries.  We were closed for 5 months for repairs as the community pulled together to recover what was lost, and I became involved with the oversight rebuild. In 2011 I was honoured to be named Huron County artist of the year through the Huron Arts and Heritage Network for my work in the creative community.

For 5 years I wasn’t able to create, not just because of time, but because I couldn’t remember how! Persevering through the insurance gauntlet took all our energy.  A couple of years ago I decided that no matter what, I had to take back that creative time. I had to rediscover my creative momentum. In March of 2016 I started posting almost daily on instagram. Now, 15 months later those instagram posts have become a great timeline of my daily creative struggles and successes. A visual diary has emerged and a true sense of my process as well as progression of improvement can be seen.

 #creativeprocess is truly about finding the creative time in every day to be productive... 

It is only recently that I have returned to a confidence in my work that I had prior to the accident and each small piece is part of the learning process.  I have completed about 110 pieces so far and get so caught up in the multitude of directions now open to me, that I can only imagine the possibilities when given the time. #notenoughtimeintheday

#creativeprocess opened Canada Day 2017 with 150 pieces of art in celebration of many things!
*25 years in business as a gallery
*Healthy lifestyle changes for myself and my husband.
*Headache free days.
*Putting my foot forward to see what I am capable of.
*To celebrate rediscovering my creative voice as a canadian landscape artist.