Elizabeth's Art Gallery is currently seeking an individual, group or organization who would be interested in working on a collaborative effort using the gallery space.  This could involve a group of artists that would like to curate and promote their own exhibit or an organization looking for a space to host a creative event. The intent is to be creative and to bring energy, activity and enthusiasm into the space.  We are always open to new ideas for exhibitions and events.  

Some of the collaborative events we have held in the past include... 

  • Year End Awards event for Chamber of Commerce
  • Mini Art Gala Fundraiser for the Women's Shelter of Goderich
  • Silent Auction to raise funds for the Kids Booster Club
  • Colours of Brussels
  • Slate Art Gala to raise funds for the new roof at St George's Church
  • Blues Festival Walkabout with Musician Rick Taylor
  • BIA Annual General Meeting
  • Great Storm Event

How creative can you be with my space?


One exciting up-coming collaborative effort is with Sight-on-SITE this July! An exhibition of Toronto based artists here in Goderich.  More information on this event.