DPI Photo Group

This is a discussion/learning group that meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Elizabeth's Art Gallery.

Each meeting is assigned a topic of interest as a general guideline for shooting, then work is presented with an open critiquing discussion, followed by tips and tricks using mainly Photoshop as the choice photo editing program. It's a great way to create and share ideas. Topics such as how to use various modes on your camera, composition, lighting, posing and printing.

The group consists of individuals from all ages and levels of ability and welcomes anyone's expertise or lack thereof.

The year usually runs from September to June, ending with a full gallery group exhibit (and sale). However, this year only will run from January to June. Members benefit from discount rates on both printing and framing throughout the year. The 2019 year represents the 16th year for the group. This year we hope to have more outings to shoot together, do some experimentation with sublimation printing and have a stellar exhibit.

Now accepting registrations for 2019 membership.  Signup online or call 519-524-4080 or visit the Gallery today.

DPI Membership 2019
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